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True To The Faith

The video below is Reversed or Flipped, please pretend you are looking into a mirror while watching this video in order to learn the proper moves.

As part of our patriotic liberty section of the celebration all participants will sing True to the Faith.  You can find the music and a rehearsal track on this page.  Coming soon we will post a rehearsal track with vocals parts that you may also use to practice.

Note on the music who sings each section.  Notice it begins with a solo.  That solo is available at the solo auditions outlined here.  All participants sing the True to the Faith verses.  The verse of Onward, Christian Soldiers will be sung by the Stripling Warrior participants.

Printable Music

Click HERE for a printable copy of the music.

Music Track (no vocals)

Rehearsal Music Track (with vocals)

*Please note that a recording with the choir parts will be recorded on Friday, March 20.  It will be posted here soon thereafter.