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Sneak Peek

Your sneak preview of the show

  • I Think the World is Glorious — Olympic Style Opening (All 10,000 plus) We will enter the arena with flags and other banners as though to say “here we are” Every Stake will bring in their own flag designed by that Stake; Everyone will sing and march around the stadium;
  • Happy (Pharrel’s) — 2 Waves of 1000 each! Bright happy dancers will do a lot of simple hop-hop moves with yellow smiley face Frisbees and beachballs to be tossed. 4 Professional Trampoline Teams will furnish aerial specialties. This number will be loads of fun
  • Winter’s On the Wing–Come to My Garden — 12 Maypoles + 500 Orchard Tree Dancers. The beloved character of Dickon from the Secret Garden will awaken the beautiful orchards of Santaquin who will perform a stunning dance to the Tabernacle Choir’s version of Come To My Garden
  • Through Heaven’s Eyes — The Goshen Youth 1000+ will honor the magnificent Jerusalem movie set with a dance reminiscent of the Children of Israel. Tambourines and Drums will heighten the excitement.
  • 1941 March — Groups from Delta and Santaquin will begin this emotional Patriotic Section with Red White and Blue Flags filling the arena.
  • America the Beautiful –Tribute to Patriots — 6 Actors needed to play the poignant heroes of America: Captain Moroni, Nephi, Moroni, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln; Actors need to deliver well the scripted words of each patriot.
  • Bagpipes play Amazing Grace — Joined by brass, the amazing bagpipes of Payson will play a tribute to our fallen patriots along with 100 brass players. This section will thrill you to your toes.
  • True to the Faith — We need a female soloist for this song as well as 2000+ Stripling Warriors. The Warriors will have to carry a staff and march in formation
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame — A huge part of local Spanish Fork Culture is Baseball and we intend to celebrate this–complete with Bats and hip hop!! Bring your caps and batter up!
  • Orange Blossom Special — Another huge contributor to our local culture is Rodeo, both in Spanish Fork and Nephi. This strong, crazy dance will celebrate the love of Rodeo. Yee haw!
  • Endless Night — 600 (30 “Dragons” – hard to describe) We plan to create the “perfect” storm symbolizing the storm clouds of life. This will be visually stunning and will be performed by boys.
  • Redeemer of Israel — After the storm clouds dissipate, here comes the wonderful sunshine. We affectionately refer to this dance as the “Sunshine Kids”. Not only do we bring out “rays” of sunshine, but we construct a 2 1/2 story tall 3-D model of the Payson Temple right on the field in the very middle. At one point we will all ASL sign the words of the glorious hymn, “Redeemer of Israel”. Everybody can start to learn this.
  • I Know that My Redeemer Lives — 100 dancers (by audition) plus 600 dancers with hoops all in white. This dance will be a visual testimony to our Savior of our love for him.
  • I Will Fill the World with LOVE — All 10,000 plus youth. This is our spectacular Finale wherein we will try to display and depict our version of a rainbow to demonstrate our covenant with God that we will fill the world with love including a tremendous balloon release.