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Preparing for the Opening of the Payson Utah Temple

Mother of 5 preparing her family for the opening of the new Payson Utah Temple

Family History in the making

By Lana Hiskey
Little by little is how Liz Rowley describes her approach to family history work. But those small steps are helping this mother of five prepare for the opening of the newest LDS temple in Utah County.

Rowley FamilyRowley, her husband, Curtis, and their two oldest children, Claire and James, have already performed temple work for several deceased family members in the Provo LDS Temple. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe temples are the place where sacred ordinances are performed that will enable them to return to live in the presence of God forever. Those ordinances can be done for the living and the dead, through proxies.

“We plan to keep working on it, especially so we will have names to bring to the Payson Temple,” said Rowley.

The Rowleys are among thousands of families preparing for the June 8 opening of the new temple. Once it’s operational, many of them will have the chance to try the Church’s new Family Temple Time program. The new program allows families to make a baptistry appointment ahead of time—during the designated block of time determined by each temple individually.

“We are encouraging families to call the temples to make an appointment so they will be able to go right in to the baptistry. They will have an opportunity to go at their scheduled time without a long wait,” said Elder Kent R. Richards, Executive Director of the Church’s Temple Department.

Angie Clayson Payson Temple BlossomsSome temples have already started scheduling family appointments, and others will be implementing the change over the next few months. Patrons can go to and look to their temple’s website to learn how their area will apply the change. Temples will still accept ward and stake appointments to accommodate youth groups coming together.

Prior to the Payson Temple’s official dedication, families and individuals of all faiths are invited to tour the building during the Public Open House. General public tours will be conducted from April 24 to May 23, excluding Sundays. Tickets for the Open House will be available online staring April 13 at

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