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Cultural Celebration Base Costume

Young Men and Young Women-Base Costume

All of the youth will be required to supply their own base costume. They are encouraged to borrow items or purchase them at thrift stores (or as inexpensively as possible) if they don’t already have them.

Cultural Celebration Base Costume
Please wear:
-White Button-down dress shirt-long sleeves– for both boys and the girls. You may borrow a shirt from a friend or brother)
-Black Dress Pants-Something appropriate for church. ie: no shorts, leggings, sweats, yoga pants, etc.
-Black Socks
-Black shoes-These may be athletic or dress shoes. They need to be something comfortable to dance in that will stay on your feet.

-Boys: neat, clean, groomed and clean cut / discourage trendy, extreme hair styles.
-Girls: Pull the sides of your hair back so that it will stay out of your face while dancing. Shorter hair styles or longer styles pulled back/half up, braids, and ponytails are all fine.

Girls’ Makeup:
-Please wear eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara (optional), blush, and bright lipstick. Only post earrings, please.